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Original TooKool "89' 90’ Back2Back Champs" Jersey named from the notable Back2Back Champion Detroit Pistons Era. The logo was designed replicating the 89’ 90’ Pistons Logo but using our brand name TooKool. The Back2Back Bad Boys Era was notible for being one of the Pistons notorious eras in their history but at the same time synonymous with one of the Pistons most iconic players, Isaiah Thomas. Outstanding details throughout the jersey commemorating the iconic Back2Back Era with the TooKool Twist. RELEASE DATE 6/30/21. ALL ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED!!!! ALL PYTHON JERSEYS COULD TAKE UP TO 3 weeks after ordering after the release date to be shipped!!

89' 90’ Back2Back Pistons TooKool Jerseys

  • ALL ORDERS ON THIS ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED | Item/s should arrive within 5-7 business days of shipping date. 

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