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3 Up 2Up X TooKool: "GAWD" Pack

They say West Virginia is anything but Kool. We tend to strongly disagree. As a matter of fact, West Virginia’s rise to dominance during the late 19th century was due largely to its wealth in coal; a major contributor to the United States’ industrialization. To this day, we are still exporting coal to other powerhouses like China.

TooKool Lifestyle is a brand based out of Detroit, MI with a fundamental purpose to honor, promote, and provide self-expression for those individuals whose lifestyle embodies a balance between ambition, style, and execution. The TOOKOOL family is committed to seeking out and honoring individuals whose lifestyle aligns with what its brand signifies. Ultimately, what it means to be TooKool. Which is why TooKool Lifestyle has decided to team up with 3 Up 2 Up to bring to you the "GAWD" pack!

The “GAWD” pack is influenced by the phrase #GodsCountry - which is synonymous with not only West Virginia but 3 Up 2 Up. God’s Country means a place favored by God, especially a naturally beautiful rural area or one's native home state. In both brand’s cases, all of the above is displayed in the vibrancy of the “GAWD” pack. The pack will feature a dad cap and a soccer jersey. Both trending fashion statements at the top of the Kool list for younger generations. Soccer being one of the most popular youth sports in the U.S. and dad caps making their way to top retailer shelves such as Footlocker.

Our colors, “Cardinal” and “Golden Apple”, for the collaboration are inspired by West Virginia’s State Bird (the Northern Cardinal) and the state fruit (the Golden Delicious Apple). Easily recognizable, cardinals are one of America’s favorite backyard birds. A similar distinctive appearance is what our two brands envision for the collaboration – something unique yet appealing. We also love the idea of incorporating Old Gold, one of West Virginia’s state colors, with a hue of green apple to make what we call “The Golden Apple”. This inspiration was also used for fresh designs for the pack as well.

3 Up 2 Up is now TooKool.

The “GAWD” pack by 3 Up 2 Up X TooKool Lifestyle "As Kool as the other side of the pillow"

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